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Friday, April 30, 2010

WKYC Receives 18 Emmy Nominations At Nomination Party Thursday Night

Congratulations to a number of my colleagues here at Channel 3 who were nominated for 18 Emmy nominations on Thursday evening. Our sister network, SportsTime Ohio received six. The winners will be announced on June 19th at the 41st Annual Emmy Awards Gala at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Newscast - Evening
*Channel 3 News at 6 - Rita Andolsen, Romona Robinson
*Imperial Murders - Julie Ocepek, Monica Robins, Eric Mansfield
*Channel 3 News at 6 Weekend - Carrie Young

Newscast - Morning/Daytime
*Channel 3 News Today 5 AM - Eric Vrobelm, Mark Nolan, Brooke Whitney, Hollie Strano, Meghann Brutoczky, Maureen Kyle

General Assignment Report (Within 24 hours)
*Serial Killer Survivor - Michael O'Mara

Breaking News
*W. 89th Murders - Romona Robinson, Eric Mansfield, Tom Meyer, Danielle Fink, Mark Smilor

Continuing Coverage
*County Gone Wild - Tom Meyer, Sarah Montgomery
*Project AED - Eric Mansfield, Monica Robins, Kim Wendel, Danielle Fink, Romona Robinson, Rita Andolsen
*Imperial Murders - Rita Andolsen, Romona Robinson, Lisa Lowry, Danielle Fink Eric Mansfield, Mark Smilor

*Hardball Cash - Tom Meyer, Sarah Montgomery

Health/Science (Single Story)
*Blowing Smoke - Tom Meyer, Rick Hepp

*Clipped By the City - Tom Meyer

Sports - News Single Story
*Part of the Team - Lynn Olszowy

Sports - Program
*Indians Minor League Magazine 2009 MLB Draft - Joe Ranyak (Sportstime Ohio)
*Indians On Deck - Michael Bachmann, Steve Warren, Al Pawlowski (Sportstime Ohio)

Sporting Event/Game - Live/Unedited
*2009 Division I State Football Championship - Michael Atkinson, Steve Warren (Sportstime Ohio)

Sports - One-Time Special
*Senior PGA Championship Preview - John Zaccardelli, Jim Donovan, Jimmy Hanlin, Greg Goyla, Joseph Van Enck, Ian Zeigler, Patrick Kilkenney
*STO Cares All Stars Among Us - Michael Atkinson, Dean Cummings, John Zaccardelli, Dave McElhattan
*Welcome to Goodyear - Michael Bachmann

*To the Moon: Ohio's Journey - Jeff Reidel

Promotion - Program/Image
*Reporter Tom Meyer

Journalistic Enterprise
*Reporter Tom Meyer

Crafts: On-Camera Talent Anchor - Weather
*Betsy Kling, Meteorologis - 2009 Composite - Betsy Kling

Crafts: On-Camera Talent - Reporter
*Ronald and Donald - Lynn Olszowy

Crafts: News
*Lynn Olszowy - Lynn Olszowy

You can find a complete list of the nominees at the following link:


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