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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Video: Channel 3 Classic Promos from 1994

This is a group of classic Channel 3 Promos from around 1994, courtesy of the "Director's Cut" archives.

This latest batch includes cameos from Judd Hambrick, Connie Dieken, Art Edwards, Jodine Costanzo, GM Bill Scaffide, Liz Habib, Jim Donovan, Eileen McShea and Jon Laufman among others.

Our special thanks to WKYC Editor Sarah Montgomery for helping us get the videos to the web.

Feel free to post your own comments and share your memories. Just click on the videos to watch. If you can't see the video on this page, CLICK HERE

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Blogger vanillacokehead said...

Wow. What a difference 30 years makes, huh? It's interesting to watch how Channel 3's evolved through the years and the success that's come along during the last dozen or so years.

These were pretty cool to watch. Thanks for sharing them! :)

7:10 PM, January 10, 2008  

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