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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Get to Know Team 3 - Dave Chudowsky

Time to share some behind the scenes info on one of the newest Channel 3 family members, WKYC Sports Reporter Dave Chudowsky.

You can see Dave report and anchor the "Browns PreGame Huddle" Sunday Mornings at 11:30 AM and "Browns Tonight" immediately following our late news Sunday Nights. Here is what Dave had to say when we asked him some tough questions between shows recently:

Q: When in your life did you first know you wanted to a sports reporter?

Dave: A very young age. I used to interview my parents, while we would drive in the car. Sports has always been my passion, talking is what i am best at! It just made a lot of sense!

Q: You came to WKYC from the Ohio News Network (ONN) in Columbus...where else have you worked?

Dave: I started my career in Toledo, at WTVG 13-ABC. I also spent a high school football season reporting at WMFD in Mansfield on Friday nights, while working in Toledo.

Q: What is your favorite and least favorite part of sports reporting?

Dave: Many favorite things: covering sports, being at live games, giving my opinion and feel of a game, never watching the clock, rush of being live. I love the feeling after having a great show! To be honest, I could go on and on with things I love about sports reporting! Least favorite: sometimes the hours and once in a while not watching the "big" games as a fan!

Q: Who among national sportcasters do you idolize?

Dave: I don't think I idolize anyone. As a kid, Bob Costas was my favorite...not really anymore, but he is very good. I think Jim Nantz does a good job, the guy makes me laugh because he is so dramatic! A guy who does a good job at play by play, that is underated is Gus Johnson. I love how excited he gets! I did intern with Jim Donovan back in 1996 if that tells you anything! He is the best in town... And that is not sucking up! Ha!

Q: Which is your favorite team to cover locally? Browns, indians or cavs?

Dave: My friend asks me this all the time (who is my favorite team) and gets mad because I won't answer it. I used to ask my mom when I was young, which of her kids does she love best. She never answered, so I will follow that!

Q: How far do you think the cavs will go this year?

Dave: Back to the finals and probably lose again!

Q: What is something most people don't know about you?

Dave: I love to throw darts! I ran a half-marathon last October! Love the DVR!

Q: What is one thing you always have in your fridge?

Dave: Trick question! Ha! Green tea! (cold)

Q: Got a favorite Cleveland area watering hole yet?

Dave: Well, I grew up in Bay Village and while living in Toledo for 11 years I would come home about twice a month. I have probably been to 85 percent of the watering holes from downtown to the west side! There is a good chance you will run into me at the Ironwood in Westlake! Around the corner and west end in Lakewood are great! Best wings in Cleveland... Close Quarters in Avon Lake! Big fan of Little Bar downtown! All time favorite bar: O'Conners in the Flats... R.I.P. I think I spent too, much time on that question!

Q: What is the best tourist attraction you feel cleveland has to offer?

Dave: Jacobs field!

To Email Dave, his address is:

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