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Monday, May 21, 2007

Get To Know Team 3 - Betsy Kling

This month's "Get to Know Team 3" spotlight is on Weekend Meteorologist, Betsy Kling. You may not know this, but Betsy and Paul Thomas are married and both came to WKYC from WTLV/WJXX-TV (First Coast News) in Jacksonville, FL in March 2003. Let's find out a little more about Betsy, shall we?

Q: When did you first discover that Meteorology was your calling?

Betsy: I had heard that meteorology was an easy lab science (HA, HA, HA...joke was on me). It may not have been easy but it was certainly fascinating and I was hooked. Pretty funny turn of events for a girl who was terrified of storms and tornadoes (and I am still a little leery).

Q: What was your first job doing weather?

Betsy: I did the weather for our campus news at BGSU (BG24 News). From BG I went to Fort Wayne, Indiana for my first "real" job.

Q: What's your favorite season & why?

Betsy: I love autumn. It really isn't so much for the colors in the leaves or anything, but I like that dry, cool air.

Q: What is your favorite weather "Gadget" to play with Ch 3. Weather Plus Center?

Betsy: I love visible satellite imagery. I still can't believe that we get the detailed pictures that we do from 22,000 miles up. Visible satellite pictures come from cameras on those satellites and can only see the clouds during the day, as it uses the sunlight for illumination. The detailing is amazing. Infrared satellites are heat sensing, so there are times when you can miss some of the warmer (lower layer) clouds, but it can "see" cloud cover at night. Other than that I have a blast with our X-band doppler radar when storms are rumbling through.

Q: What other cities have you worked in?

Betsy: I started in quaint Fort Wayne, Indiana and moved to beautiful Jacksonville, Florida from there. I knew Cleveland was where I wanted to be, and when the opportunity to come home came up I jumped at the chance (my parents are thrilled!).

Q: What was the most memorable weather event you've covered?

Betsy: My first tornado warning. I was so unprepared. You want the story? Okay,...It was a warm and sunny 1997 weekend day in Fort Wayne, Indiana(fast forwarding...) So the first storm comes through and knocks out the power while I am in the shower. No problem...I'll just head to the station to get ready since there is a generator there. What I didn't realize is that a larger and more powerful storm was just starting to move in. I heard the tornado warning on the radio in my car. I ran into the station with wet hair, no make-up, wearing a t-shirt and shorts when an engineer came in with a microphone and told me I was going to be on the air in 1 minute. Ummmmmmm...WHAT! So, needless to say I ended up scaring the viewers more than the storms themselves. I got my feet under me after about 5 minutes, but it was a very bad way to start. Thankfully I am a little better at that stuff now.

Q: What is your favorite food?

Betsy: It isn't so much my favorite food as my favorite food places. Having grown up in Copley most of my favorites are down that way. I love Bob's Hamburgers in Akron (the BEST), Luigi's Pizza in Akron, Durbin's Magic Freeze chocolate-almond ice cream in Barberton, Strickland's strawberry ice cream (all over the place these days), Orange dreamcicle ice cream at Welch's in Norton, Skyline Chili (variety of places) ((4-way with beans and a skyliner - no onions)), my mom's spinach quiche, veggies of all sorts, hot dogs at Jacobs Field, strawberry shortcake, Szalay's corn (I liked it so much I actually worked there as a kid...corn on the cob every day for lunch), Lydia Esparra's beef tenderloin on the grill, and I have to say I make a pretty mean pasta salad in the summer.

Q: What do you do to relax when you are away from work?

Betsy: I picked up tennis last year and I am now become addicted to it. I play twice a week and am in a league right now. I also like to dig around in our garden, hang out with my family, play with the dog and do a little shopping every now and then.

Q: What's your favorite radio station?

Betsy: I typically listen to 102.1fm, but I'll tune in good old WKDD for a little faster pace and WTAM for news/weather/traffic/sports.

Q: If money were no object, what would be your ultimate 2 week vacation?

Betsy: Camping...although since money is no object I would do it in a sweet RV. I would probably head to Alaska and the Northern Rockies (Alaska I've done, the Rockies I haven't). And since money is no object I would make it longer than 2 weeks. ;)

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