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Saturday, March 24, 2007

From the Mailbag: Weekends

From: Matthew in Perry

Q: Do you ever have to work weekends?

A: Yes. When you a director, you find yourself working all kinds of weird schedules - including weekends. We only have so many directors that when someone takes a vacation, the other directors' schedules often get affected - including mine though I normally work only weeknights.
Working weekends is fun because it is more laid back than weeknights which tend to be more intense. They are many more shows to direct and less time to prepare between them.

Fortunately, the weekend night crew is cool (as is the weekend morning crew too).

Scott Newell, Lydia Esparra, Betsy Kling and Brian Colleran are a lot of fun to work with so I don't mind it. Plus, I get to work with the ever popular weekend producer, Carrie Young, who tries to work us into a sweat with cramming lots of stories into a half hour show - but that's the challenge - a good challenge.

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