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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

From the Mailbag: Various Questions

From: Tristan in Cleveland

Q: I like your blog on Channel 3's website. It gives me a look at what goes on at a television station. I was wondering on a few things: 1. How did you decide to become a television director?; 2. What was it like doing radio? (Especially at WDOK and WRMR); 3. Are you looking for interns? I am interested in a summer internship in production, as I am taking a television production class with John Ban at Tri-C West.

A: Cool - a multiple part question. 1) I became a director after working in engineering for the first year or so here at Channel 3. After observing what the directors did, I thought that it might be a good fit for me, so I gave it a try; 2) Radio was fun, but got dull in 1996 when the FCC allowed the media giants to cobble up large amounts of stations. From a "business stance", it made sense. From an "opportunity standpoint" for the DJ's, it was bad news. Many DJs were replaced with automation and voicetracking. I enjoyed my time at WDOK and WRMR.. working for Tom Embrescia, Sue Wilson and Chris Maduri on the managment side was a great experience. Working alongside Bill Randle, Carl Reese, Ronnie Barrett and the other announcers was even better. I learned so much - but it was really hard being 50 years younger than most everyone else at the time. They usually tended to take my enthusiasm as a threat. I was just starting out in the business, so I wanted to make my mark; 3) Jon Ban is a cool instructor. He taught me well at Cleveland State back in the early 1990s. Internships are always a possiblity - you can contact Janet Christopher here at WKYC at 216-344-3333.

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