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Lake County 'state of emergency' terminated

3:47 PM, Aug 16, 2013   |    comments
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KIRTLAND -- Due to the heavy rains and subsequent flooding that hit Lake County in the early morning of July 20, the Board of Lake County Commissioners had declared a Local State of Emergency.

That Local State of Emergency was declared by the County Commissioners on July 23. As of 4:30 p.m. Aug. 16, the Local State of Emergency in Lake County will be terminated.

Today (Aug. 16), after a thorough review of response and recovery efforts associated with the July 20 storm, Lake County Emergency Management Agency Director Larry Greene is recommending the Board of Lake County Commissioners close the Local State of Emergency.

Director Larry Greene said today, "Although coordination with the State of Ohio to help repair damaged pubic infrastructure and reimburse local governments for eligible costs associated with response to the event continues, I believe such activities can officially reside within the scope of daily operations. Long-term recovery efforts coordinated by 211 and the 'Citizen Corps Council' will continue to address the needs of the elderly and functional needs population affected by the flooding."

Upon review of Director Greene's recommendation, the Board of Lake County Commissioners has concurred.

As a result of the heavy flooding that occurred, mostly in western Lake County, over 3,500 damage assessments were conducted on various structures.

These damage assessments were made by the American Red Cross, local building inspectors and personnel from the Lake County and Ohio EMA.

Lake County EMA Director Larry Greene thanked all the agencies involved with the damage assessment process.

Director Greene added, "It does not appear that Lake County will meet the required threshold of twenty-five homes or businesses destroyed or with 40% uninsured major damage. This threshold is required to qualify for a Small Business Administration declaration by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The number of structures in Lake County that sustained major damage under FEMA's new damage assessment criteria, adopted in July of 2012, presently stands at eleven and is not expected to increase."

Director Greene further stated, "We understand many individuals have damage to their structures that did not meet FEMA's criteria. The cost to fix this damage does place a difficult financial burden on homeowners and businesses. One option individuals may have is to explore assistance through the Ohio State Treasurer's 'Rebuild Ohio Program.'

"Eligibility for assistance through this program will depend on each individual's particular circumstances."

Information regarding the "Rebuild Ohio Program" can be found at


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