Powerful storms wreak havoc on downtown Cleveland

12:37 AM, Jul 11, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Mother Nature rumbled with the City of Cleveland Wednesday, landing some knockout blows.

Even city hall was no match for the powerful winds, which ripped a piece of the roof clear off the building.

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As drivers tried to navigate through heavy rains from every direction, commuters at the Tower City RTA platform encountered a different kind of road block.

A large piece of the tunnel wall on the westbound red line track collapsed just before rush hour causing delays.

Investigators later determined the damage was not caused by weather and the debris was quickly removed so lines could get back up and running.

Downed trees and debris also dotted the perimeter of Burke Lakefront Airport, while crews worked to remove a tree on East 26th between St. Clair and Superior.

As quickly as the storms came, they left, allowing the sun to tease everyone for just a while.

"Go from one extreme storm, to a nice peaceful evening, it's just confusing at times you never know what to do... go out the door with a rain jacket or umbrella or put on short sleeves and shorts," said Cleveland resident Noreen Cochran.


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