Mexico volcano spits 2 mile-high ash cloud

3:54 PM, Jul 6, 2013   |    comments
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MEXICO CITY - The Popocatepetl volcano just east of Mexico City has spit out a cloud of ash and vapor 2 miles (3 kilometers) high as it continues several days of eruptions.

Mexico City residents awoke to find a fine layer of volcanic dust on their cars. Claudia Dominguez of the Mexico City civil defense office says the ash probably had been floating around the city from earlier outbursts.

It has been years since the center of the nation's capital has seen a noticeable ash fall because prevailing winds usually blow the ash in other directions.

The city's legion of car washers quickly wiped the fine coating from cars on Saturday with no apparent ill effects.

Ash fell earlier this week in some neighborhoods on Mexico City's south and east sides.

The Associated Press

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