Chicago gets snow -- finally

3:41 PM, Jan 25, 2013   |    comments
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CHICAGO - As far as snow goes, Chicago hasn't seen much today -- just over an inch, as of this morning. But the snowfall was still one for the record books.

National Weather Service forecaster Matt Friedlein  says this is the latest first snowfall of at least an inch since record-keeping began in 1884.

It marks another record: Chicago went 335 days, or about 11 months, without an inch of snowfall in any calendar day.

The area has received a total of 2.8 inches of snow this winter, 15 ½ inches below normal.

The snow was significant for another reason: Some people finally got to work.

Clara Mark of Chicago Snow Removal Services says this is the first time their plows have been out all winter.

The Associated Press

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