Project transforming Cleveland Trust building

6:38 PM, Oct 8, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- It's another major construction project downtown Cleveland, but it's a good one. 

For the better part of two decades the Cleveland Trust building sat empty. 

Now, the building undergoing one of the biggest construction projects in downtown. 

"It has a lot of purposes. It's got beautiful views of Public Square and it's 6,000 square feet, which is a unique opportunity," said Greg Geis with Geis Companies.

With it set to open in the fall of 2014, brothers and developers Fred and Greg Geiss decided to bring in something new. They began with the recent announcement of the Heinen's grocery store.

"I think it is going to be nice because we have a lot of people living in this city. We need good food and good produce," says supporter Tim Doyle. 

The next step in getting the public back was by building a new hotel and 100 luxury apartments. But that's not all -- the building will be pet friendly. 

"There is no place I can go with a dog. I don't want to walk up and down East Ninth street in February, so we provide an indoor dog park," said Greg Geiss.

The dog park will be called Bark, and if you have a large dog, don't worry -- Fido will be allowed.

"We are going to segregate areas for larger dogs and smaller dogs," Greg Geiss added. 

The building promises to stay true to its original form but have modern features including state-of-the-art elevators and a 3-D theater that will allow you to broadcast things straight from your iPad or iPhone. 

"Embrace the future or get run over by it. Our technology spine is currently double than what our projected usage is," Greg Geiss pointed out. 

And the views alone would be worth the move. The duo plans to have the city's only rooftop sun deck, where you'll have a 360-degree view of Cleveland and enjoy a lunch, dinner and a little late night dancing under the stars, too. 

"We are going to employ 250 people in the complex, so we want the best and brightest in the hospitality segment.

And speaking of environment, the old bank vault, last used for the most recent filming of "Captain America: Winter Soldier," will be part of a new speakeasy.

"We are going to take the historic vault which was made by the original Carnegie Company and convert it into a bar lounge area," said Fred Geis. "I think now is the time where we are at the edge of the cliff, where we can really make this community come back again."


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