Investigator: Convicted murderer seeks to clear name

6:43 PM, Jul 15, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND-- Anthony Lemons was paroled last December for a murder he says he didn't commit.  The Investigator Tom Meyer uncovered highly questionable evidence to support his claim.

Now that Lemons is out of prison, he's trying to clear his name and has asked for a new trial.  Judge Janet Burnside says she is considering his request and is working toward making a ruling, but can't say when that will happen.

Lemons is trying to put his life back together.  He's reconnecting with his family, including a daughter who grew up while Lemons was in prison.

He wants a more productive job than he has now which is cleaning machinery that hardens iron ore into steel.  But it doesn't help that he must state he's a convicted felon on job applications.

"I'm free, but I'm not free because this is hanging over my head," Lemons said.   

Lemons is also dealing with his past.  He was 22 when he was found guilty of killing Eric Sims, whose bullet-riddled body was found at the Cliffview Apartments in Cleveland. He was convicted on the testimony of a crack-using prostitute, June Adamchick, who is now dead.

Lemons says prosecutors withheld key evidence  which included Adamchick's failure to identify Lemons during a line-up.  A juror on Lemons' case told the Investigator Tom Meyer she wasn't sure if Lemons committed the crime.

As Lemons awaits the judge's decision on a new trial, he is talking with juvenile inmates telling them a life of crime is no life at all.

"Stop wasting your life.  Life is not a game.  It's short," Lemons tells the inmates.

Lemons hopes for a new trial and for an outcome that will declare his innocence.  He is determined to lead the life he envisioned before he was locked up for murder. 


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