Cleveland | Police-involved shooting prompts questions

7:50 AM, Jun 25, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Still more questions than answers remain nearly 36 hours after a Cleveland police officer shot and injured a man during a traffic stop downtown.  

On Monday officer Vincent Montague, a five year veteran with the force, was placed on paid administrative leave.

According to investigators Montague confronted the driver, who was attempting to go down a closed section of W 6th Street early Sunday morning.   At some point during the traffic stop, police say Montague opened fire at the unarmed 28-year-old man, hitting him in the chest.  

The driver was taken to a nearby hospital and later released.   Police are now interviewing witnesses and reviewing surveillance video from nearby cameras.  

 However with little other information being released to this point, we pressed the Cleveland Police Department for answers.   According to Sgt. Sammy Morris, the officer has yet to be formally interviewed by the Use of Deadly Force (UDF) investigation team.  

When questioned about the protocol for an officer to fire his weapon, Sgt Morris said, "an officer can display or draw their weapon as needed."  

Sgt. Morris also stated without the officer's first-hand account, the investigation is still pending, and police cannot comment much further.  

 Placing an officer on administrative leave is standard procedure according to Sgt. Morris and charges could still be pending against the driver.


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