Northeast Ohio businesses want in on film industry

6:08 PM, May 20, 2013   |    comments
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It takes more than cameras and actors to make a successful film. As productions roll into town, local businesses are stepping up and telling Hollywood -- Northeast Ohio has what you need.

The pace of movie-making is intense.

"It's a wild ride," said Bernie Doyle, of Fast Signs.

Supporting the filmmakers when they come to Cleveland is good business. Fast Signs produced a lot of signs for "The Avengers" and is currently working on items for another big film.

"The pace of our business is fast all the time, but I'm here to tell you that the film industry will keep you on your toes. It's great," said Doyle.

There will be approximately $75 million movie dollars being spent this fiscal year around Northeast Ohio. One hundred local business owners and employees came to COSE for a class to get tips on becoming film-friendly.

"A lot of these businesses didn't necessarily think that they would excel in the film industry and it is an opportunity for them to rethink or to add on to or to participate in the industry," said Ivan Schwarz, Executive Director of the Great Cleveland Film Commission.

Sue Grey works in the travel business and hopes her company, Traveline, can help Hollywood keep coming back to Ohio.

"It's wonderful what they are doing for Cleveland. I love film," said Gray. "We hope to be working on one of those big films coming into Cleveland and we are going to be reaching out to a few of them."

Big stars and a lot of hard work from Northeast Ohio is coming to a screen near you.

"Every now and then you can go to the movie and say, 'we made that, we made that.' That's fun" said Doyle.

The first tip for local businesses? Register yourself on the Greater Cleveland Film Commission website. That's were a lot of out-of-town productions look when trying to find some one to meet their needs.


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