How Obamacare may affect you

5:57 PM, May 2, 2013   |    comments
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BEREA -- Like thousands of Americans, Mark Haas is concerned about his future with healthcare reform.  He's a diabetic, but works for a large organization that provides health insurance.

He's worried his coverage will change and he's getting bad information, from all places, his doctor.

"It was his opinion that they'll stop covering people who were overweight or had diabetes or certain diseases," Mark says.

J.B. Silvers Ph.D. is a healthcare expert and professor at Case Western Reserve University.  He's actually read the entire Affordable Care Act.

"Everyone that has conventional coverage right now seems to think it's going to go away and that's not true. If you have a large company plan, if you're on conventional medicare, if you're on medicare advantage everything stays exactly the same," Silvers says.

He also has advice for small businesses.

"There is a refundable tax credit available right now for small businesses if you're not getting that you need to check it out if you have less than 25 employees," Silvers says.

For those without insurance, you have to wait until October 2013.  That's when the Health Insurance Exchange opens.  You'll be able to pick a plan within your budget.

"That will make it affordable and the rates that you'll be charged won't have anything to do with your health status they're community rates so pre-existing conditions, chronic conditions all covered it's a level playing field," Silvers says.

However, it will be your job to shop around.  Know what you and your family needs and make a list.  Then pick the plan that covers your list and fits your budget.  It's kind of like finding a good deal on a travel website.





















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