Jimmy Hoffa search at Wexler's Tavern ends but interest remains

11:33 AM, Apr 26, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Crews have finished their demolition work inside an Old Brooklyn bar in a search potentially connected to Jimmy Hoffa without finding any evidence of the missing Teamster leader.

Two additional bone fragments were found before crews called in quits on Thursday at Wexler's Tavern. The owner of the bar, Doug Graziano, says he does not plan to have the last fragments tested because they look like the others pulled from inside the wall. Those earlier fragments were determined by the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner to be non-human.

The search raised interest, especially on-line and on social media, because at the start there was the slight possibility it could be connected to Hoffa who disappeared in 1975. Why Hoffa?

Two reasons. First, a matchbook found inside the walls recently for a lodge in California dubbed "The House that Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters built."

Second, a strange discovery made during a renovation of the tavern 25 years ago. The previous owner says he found seven football-sized packages of bones, neatly wrapped in red-butcher paper.

While the bone fragments found over the last few days were determined to be non-human, we will never know what was inside those packages back in the late 80s. The former owner says police told him to throw the bones away and he did.

Graziano says the mystery was fun but now it's time to get back to the work of running his bar. But the story may not quite be finished yet.

Workers at the tavern have claimed to see things they can't quite explain inside the bar.

The entire story has caught  the interest of a paranormal investigator who would like to check out Wexler's Tavern.

Graziano says he is considering the option but has made no decision yet.


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