Akron: All evidence presented in the Craigslist trial

5:32 PM, Mar 7, 2013   |    comments
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AKRON -- The jury will hear closing arguments Monday morning in the triple murder trial of Richard Beasley.

Judge Lynne Callahan said Friday is an off day for the court, and the state rested after presenting three rebuttal witnesses on Thursday morning.

The first witness, Jerry Hood, Jr., is one of the property owners in Noble County where the bodies of two victims were located.

Hood, also known as 'County,' testified that he knew Richard Beasley from the Brothers Motorcycle Club. He said Beasley visited his father, Jerry Hood, Sr., at Akron General Hospital after he was injured.

Contradicting Beasley's own testimony, Hood said he never asked Beasley to place the Craigslist ads that the state says were used to lure victims. 

"Would you have ever asked Mr. Beasley to help you hire someone to live on the farm and take care of it?" asked the prosecutor. "No sir. I have valuables down there. I don't like strangers down there anyways," said Hood. 

"You never asked Mr. Beasley to place an ad for you on Craigslist?" the prosecutor continued. "No sir," said Hood.

Hood says the farm had not been operating as a cattle farm since 1994, and he did not require any help on the farm.

If he did need help, he continued, he would have looked to friends and neighbors closer to the Caldwell, Ohio home.

He said he was very computer illiterate. "I don't even know how to check an email," he said.

Hood also testified that he was a Marine Corps veteran who served two tours in Iraq.

The state also called William Bennett, a forensic handwriting expert who worked for 30 plus years at the Columbus Police Department. Bennett testified that several of the letters in evidence appear to match a handwriting sample from Richard Beasley.

Judge Callahan said jury instructions are lengthy, but she expects the jury to get the case on Monday afternoon.

Once the jury starts deliberating, the members will be sequestered until a verdict is reached.


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