Fellow Amish want life in prison for Sam Mullet

9:43 PM, Feb 5, 2013   |    comments
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 PDF Document: Mullet Letters  PDF Document: Sentencing Recommendation

CLEVELAND -- Some Amish are asking for a life sentence for the man convicted of beard cutting attacks.

The U.S. Attorney in Cleveland has received 14 letters from Amish in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, in which a "long" or "life" sentence for renegade Amish bishop Sam Mullet, Sr., is requested.

The letters are included in a sentencing recommendation released today by Steven Dettelbach, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio.  Dettelbach calls the letters "compelling," because of the "uncharacteristic" request from the Amish community for a life sentence.

Mullet and 14 other Amish convicted of talking part in the beard cutting attacks will be sentenced on Friday. The government is recommending a maximum sentence for Mullet and 4 tiers of lesser sentences for the others.

"We would be very uncomfortable if Mr. Mullet would become loose," wrote one Amish petitioner. "He is an evil, dangerous person. Also a cult leader," wrote another.

A number of the letters thanked authorities for prosecuting and convicting Mullet and the others, and expressed fear if he should ever be set free.  "If Sam Mullet gets released the dear children in Bergholz have no choice but to live in his cult," one Amish resident wrote.

"We have many fears of him being released," the letter concluded.


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