Northeast Ohio claims portion of record Powerball jackpot

8:55 PM, Nov 29, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Northeast Ohio had two Powerball winning tickets: one who took home a $10,000 prize and another overnight millionaire.

"I feel lucky myself for having sold the $2 million ticket," said Sam Seiler.

Seiler, a manager at the BP at West 117th Street, sold a $2 million Match 5 Power Play winner.

But a blind trust will keep the new millionaire a mystery.

James Graves isn't hiding his good fortune, trading 20 bucks for a $10,000 winning ticket.

"It was a roller coaster, a roller coaster last night," said Graves. "I knew pretty quickly that I hadn't won the jackpot, but I kept going and I realized that that had been the only number that I missed."

The 23-year-old Tri-C student bought his ticket here at Rite Aid, where he works 30 hours a week. The other workers helped him make picks - he asked them to think of a number, he guessed at it, and subtracted the difference.

"I thought it was kinda good to use more, maybe two minds are better than one, so I felt like it was kind of a collaboration to make good numbers," he said.

"Everybody always chooses sentimental dates or, I just felt like I wanted to mix it up," he said.

We followed him to cash in on his winnings.

The big check will go on the apartment wall, or maybe his ceiling. The money will buy some nice Christmas gifts and stay in the bank.

"As needed, I'm just going to work here, and just go to school, and not stress myself out too much," said Graves.

For now, he can't stop smiling.

"Keep on playing and hopefully your dreams will come true."


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