New cab company adds jobs & safe transportation in Cleveland

7:13 PM, Nov 29, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND --  A new cab company is starting up in Cleveland, bringing jobs and safe transportation to the city. Wolley Cab owners could have picked any city in the U.S., but thought Cleveland had the most potential.

"We love Cleveland. Cleveland is like a quiet city. Chicago is really crowded," says Tom Ali.

Tired of the congested streets of the Windy City, Ali and the owners of Wolley Cab company, the Ibrahim family, set their sights on Cleveland -- a growing city in need of their services.

"They saw the business opportunity here with the casino, with the convention center, the Medical Mart," says attorney and company spokesperson, James Cullen.

The Ibrahim family had lived in Chicago for 20 years, but decided Cleveland was a better place to raise their family. They invested in the first 26 cabs with all the latest technology. They have a goal of growing their fleet to 100, which means more jobs for drivers and dispatchers.

Cullen says the cabs passed inspection, are licensed and ready to roll out.

And that name, Wolley?

"Wolley is yellow spelled backwards."

Maybe so, but this fleet is helping the city move in the right direction.


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