Akron: Weekend brings multiple assaults, stabbings

2:02 PM, Nov 19, 2012   |    comments
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AKRON -- Police are investigating a series of assaults that took place throughout the city during the weekend. Anybody with information connected to any of the incidents detailed below is asked to call the Akron Police Department.


A 49-year-old woman says she was assaulted and robbed of $400 in cash in a parking lot at the corner of Stanton Avenue and South Main Street around 3 a.m. Saturday.

 According to Akron Police, the victim was approached by a female who asked her for $2. When the victim said she only had a $20 bill, the suspect punched the victim in the mouth and knocked her to the ground. The suspect then reportedly took $400 from the woman's pocket and fled the scene.

The victim suffered minor injuries, but refused medical attention.

No suspect has been arrested.


Akron Police say a 31-year-old man was stabbed by a woman in the 700 block of Avon Street around 4:30 a.m. Saturday.

The victim reported he was in a verbal argument with the female when she allegedly stabbed him in the chest with a knife. The suspect fled the scene and the victim was taken to Akron City Hospital with injuries that authorities say do not appear to be life threatening.

Detectives have signed warrants on the suspect with a last-known address on Minson Way in Akron.


A 34-year-old man was shot multiple times by two suspects who were wearing all-dark clothing around 8:30 p.m. Saturday near the intersection of Tonawanda Avenue and Montgomery Street.

The victim was taken to Akron City Hospital where authorities say his injuries do not appear to be life-threatening.

Akron Police say they recovered eight grams of marijuana in the victim's possession.

No suspects in the shooting have been arrested.


Two people involved in a verbal argument stabbed each other around 1 p.m. Sunday in the 400 block of North Hawkins Avenue.

According to Akron Police, a 47-year-old man was stabbed first by a 59-year-old man who went to the kitchen and grabbed the knife.

After a physical struggle, the initial victim reportedly gained control of the knife and turned it on the other man, stabbing him in the chest.

Both were taken to local hospitals with injuries that authorities say are not life-threatening. No charges have been filed at this time, but the incident remains under investigation.


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