Cleveland: Woman completes sidewalk sign sentence

12:37 PM, Nov 14, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Under advisement from her attorneys, Shena Hardin didn't say anything this morning as she started day two of her sign-holding-sentence.

Unlike the first hour of her two hour sentence, she didn't smoke or text or talk on the phone. She stood quietly with music blaring from her ear buds.

Hardin was sentenced to spend two hours on two separate days holding a sign that read "Only an idiot would drive on a sidewalk to avoid a school bus."

Hardin was captured on cell phone video driving up on a sidewalk and around a bus loading special needs children. Neighbors say she did it multiple times before they were able to show police proof and have her charged.

Hardin's crime is only a misdemeanor. She would have only paid fees so the judge added the sign portion of the sentence to send a message to Hardin.

Tuesday Judge Pinkey Carr took issue with the way Hardin served her sentence, smoking, texting and talking and not even holding the sign as she was ordered.

Carr planned to go out to East 38th & Superior where Hardin was ordered to serve her sentence but changed her mind Wednesday morning, saying she didn't want to create a scene.

Judge Carr told WKYC that she believes Hardin will never drive on the sidewalk again.

One spectator took issue with Judge Carr's sentencing order, and the fact that the word idiot was on the sign. So a man named Archie from a new local radio station spent the morning with her wearing a sign taped to his shirt with the word idiot on it.

Hardin explained to Archie, who asked Hardin to apologize to the family of the little girl whose safety was jeopardized by her actions, that she would not apologize in front of the media; that she would talk to the family in due time, and she owed the media nothing.

"I am just going to serve this sentence and get on with my life, like you all should do a long time ago," Hardin said.

While the sign holding portion of her sentence is complete Hardin still doesn't have a license. She is ten days into her 30 suspension.

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