Sandusky: Calendar girls wear nothing but 'Smiles'

7:16 PM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
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SANDUSKY -- The Sandusky Register has covered news for well over 100 years. But next to yesterday's headlines is this calendar and the models are uncovered, as in naked.

They say they are "not sexy, we're sensual."

Channel 3's John Anderson brings you the story.

Patty is Ms. April. She has 17 grandchildren but her modeling career was just born.

Peg is a 77-year-old artist. She paints flowers but models nude. She said doing the calendar "was fun. The photographer was so great and they made it easy and what needed to be tucked, they tucked."

These ladies in their birthday suits are between the ages of 60 and 100 and proceeds from the calendar called Smiles will help other seniors cover dental costs not covered by Medicare.

And these models say they'll take it all off again for a good cause.

But next time, Peg would like to trade in the flowers for firefighters. She said they were talking the other day "and if they do a calendar with those young firemen, count me in."

The calendars are being sold by the organization Serving Our Seniors for $10 a piece. 

They have almost sold out of the first printing so a second order was placed.  They hope to sell 4,000 of the calendars.


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