Cleveland: Airlines cancel outgoing flights at Hopkins

7:38 PM, Oct 29, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Hurricane Sandy is causing chaos with travelers. 

Just before 6 p.m. Monday, airport spokeswoman Jackie Mayo said airlines at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport have cancelled outgoing flights through at least noon Tuesday.

The airport itself is open, but that the airlines elected to stop those flights due to severe weather from Hurricane Sandy.

Mayo also said incoming flights are "few and far between."

The worst weather is expected to hit Cleveland and the Atlantic Coast Monday night.

A spokeswoman for the Akron-Canton Airport says about 30 percent of flights have been canceled for tomorrow including all eastbound flights.  Some westbound flights are still scheduled.

The number of flight cancellations resulting from Hurricane Sandy is now pushing 14,000, according to the FlightAware flight-tracking service.

And that number --13,785 as of 4:30 p.m. ET -- still seems likely to grow over the next day as Sandy moves onshore and heads inland.

Raoul Lavoie is one of thousands of stranded passengers, "My gut told me to stay in Houston!" But Raoul Lavoie didn't listen to his gut and Monday morning, he found himself stranded in Cleveland. His destination? Boston. His new arrival time? Friday -- 4 days away.

About 45 percent of all flights were cancelled early Monday at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. But because most of the flights were cancelled on Sunday, the airport was empty.

Most people had called ahead and found out about those cancellations. But for folks like the Hobaicas, they did call ahead. They were flying into Syracuse, out of the storm's path.

Joan Hobaica says, "We were good to go which is why we came early so we're surprised to see them cancelled."

With high winds expected here in Cleveland overnight Monday and into Tuesday, airport officials said cancellations across the board are expected over the next 24 hours.

Going nowhere fast, Raoul is weighing his options, "I think my choices are- drive home which is about 700 miles, wait it out here till Friday or I think my best choice is going back to Houston and flying direct."

Airport officials say flights should be back up to speed by Thursday. If you are traveling anywhere within the next few days, check your flight ahead of time.

Airlines suggest going on-line instead of calling because you might have to wait hours before speaking with someone.    


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