Cleveland Heights: Students robbed of their school-issued iPads

10:16 AM, Oct 19, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS -- Over a dozen students have reported being robbed while headed home from school. What did the thieves take? School-issued iPads.

Administrators say the incidents have all taken place over the past two weeks. At least 12 middle schools students were threatened and subsequently robbed while headed home.

"This news frustrates and outrages us," Superintendent Douglas Heuer said in a press release.

He went on to say that the students are easy targets because many people know the students carry iPads.

The Cleveland Heights-University Heights school district is working closely with area police departments to gather information about the robberies and locate suspects.

"We ask all residents to work with us to protect our students and make sure they receive the best education possible," said Heuer.

"Please help us ensure our students safety and that they have access to technology that will prepare them for the future."

Anyone with information related to the robberies are asked to call the school district or one of the police departments listed below.

Local Police Departments:

  • Cleveland Heights Police - (216) 291-4987
  • South Euclid Police - (216) 381-1234
  • University Heights Police - (216) 932-1800


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