Ohio: 'Mothers' milk bank' shortage

6:04 PM, Oct 2, 2012   |    comments
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AKRON -- There's a shortage of "liquid gold" in the state's Neonatal Intensive Care Units that care for the tiniest of patients. 

The Mother's Milk Bank of Ohio, based at Grant Hospital in Columbus, provides human breast milk to NICUs to feed to premature babies. Often the mother of a preemie can't produce milk for her baby.

The Milk Bank is seeking donor moms to help supply breast milk to the bank. For more information, call 614.544.0810.

Donor moms can expect to go through a stringent health screening. They must be currently lactating, in good health, willing to undergo a blood test, not be taking any illegal substances, medication or herbal supplements, and willing to donate at least 200 ounces of milk.

All milk is also screened and pasteurized. Click HERE for a link to more information. 


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