Local man sheds pounds and creates new 'app'

6:21 PM, Sep 21, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- On May 13, Brandt Butze was overweight, and his words depressed and miserable. His weight was inching closer and closer to 400 pounds.

He'd decided he'd had enough. He started walking and taking a picture and posting it on his Facebook Page. Social Media was holding him accountable and helping him score a workout buddy.

Fast-forward three weeks and he triple-booked his workout buddies. Three people, three different locations, same time. The "oops" got him thinking.

While he was walking with his friend Aaron Marks, they came up with an idea -- a smartphone application that could help you link you with your friends' schedules to create workout appointments.

The pair went to LaunchHouse, an organization that funds start-up projects, and was selected for funding and help with the project.

A spokesperson for LaunchHouse said there is nothing like the "Walk with Me" "app" it on the market.

The "app" isn't out until the end of November. They can use your help, though, log on to their website and take a survey, to help them make the "app" as convenient as possible for you and your friends.

Nearly 100 days later, Butze is 70 pounds lighter, busier than ever with his new company and smiling when he posts those pictures on his Facebook page.

He still has a long road ahead to lose the weight, but he is taking it, one walk at at time.


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