Owner rescues dog from alligator

12:31 PM, Sep 20, 2012   |    comments
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A Florida man has quite the tale to tell after he rescued his dog from a seven-foot alligator.

Steve Gustafson of Sumter County was trimming his oak tree when his dog, Bounce, went just a little too close to the edge of a pond. In a moment, Gustafson saw the gator whip its tail and come right for his pet.

Without thinking, Gustafson, 66, says he jumped into the water, belly-flopping onto the top of the gator and grabbed its leg. The gator spun its head and snapped at Gustafson's hand. Three of the gator's teeth hit their mark.

But Gustafson grabbed the alligator's nose and pinned it to the bottom of the pond before the reptile could reposition itself for a second bite.

He and Bounce then made a safe exit.

"Umm what choice did I have? That's my best friend... I didn't think. You just react."

A Florida Fish and Wildlife officer trapped and killed the gator a few days later.


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