Top gift for kids at 98% off ($1 Total)

8:28 AM, Sep 4, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Today the perfect gift for kids costs $1 (down from $45).

Does that have your attention? Because Bunki Munki certainly captured mine.

I test hundreds of websites and deals every week and few things this season have impressed me as much as Bunki Munki.

So what is it? Bunki Munki is a world designed for kids where you can finally put them in front of a computer, keep them entertained and not worry.

Bunki Munki is games, an interactive diary, an advertising-free, online environment, a creative outlet of self-expression, a place to earn badges for skills -- and a lot more.

There's no longer a need to tie kids to a gaming system with complicated hook-ups or something that they need to pack on family trips. The only thing a tween or teen needs to use the Bunki Munki service is an internet connection and a membership.

Geared towards kids under the age of 13, a parent/guardian can enroll a son or daughter for free, and to enjoy the full Bunki-Munki service, CLICK HERE and use code 1YR1DLR.

The best thing I can suggest is to take the tour and then enroll, but below is a quick summary of what Bunki Munki offers, why I think it's worthwhile and why this could in fact be the perfect holiday, birthday, or just-because present.

Bunki-Munki is a web-based service and a private, safe portal for a teen or tween to keep themselves busy with the following:

1) The Journal: A place to download from the day and prompt kids to think about the positive aspect of their day.

2) Badge Central: Encourages kids to participate in positive activities where they can earn badges based on their interests.

3) Games: Interactive, thought-provoking, fun games without parents needing to worry about content.

4) Email Service: A safe email service where kids can interact with other kids from around the world. Bunki Munki does not allow the exchanging of phone numbers, photos, real names, school names, or any piece of private information. Filters and moderation are in place to guarantee parents the peace of mind. Every child sign up requires parental permission.

5) Music Mixer: A creative outlet to connect with friends, compose and share tunes.

6) Design, Design, Design! Kids not only get to design what their space looks like online, but they also get to adopt and design the animated character they want to represent them, and on top of that, lots of room to accessorize!

7) Wall of Wonderful: A place where your kids' talents are celebrated. Display badges, celebrate accomplishments, skills and uniqueness.

There's plenty of content to appeal to both girls and boys, from smaller kids to tweens and teens.

The Bunki-Munki is already helping kids all over the world "unlock the power of happiness."

CLICK HERE and use code 1YR1DLR.


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