Study: Cleveland women more honest than men

3:17 PM, Aug 21, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- We're mostly honest folks here in Cleveland and that's no lie.

In the first-ever National Honesty Index social experiment, Honest Tea set up more than 50 unmanned pop-up kiosks in more than 30 cities across the country -- including one at Cleveland's Public Square.

Each location featured tea for $1 per bottle with payment based on the honor system by asking customers to slide their cash into a clear box.

The outcomes from the social experiment, which took place between August 8 and August 19, were recorded and the data was collected to determine who is the most honest.

When it came to Cleveland, here's how it broke down:

- Overall, Cleveland was 93 percent honest.

- People with kids were 100 percent honest.

- Women were 98 percent honest.

- Men were 87 percent honest.

- Brunettes were not as honest as blondes or redheads.

Cincinnati, the only other Ohio city tested, was more honest than Cleveland at 95 percent overall. Also in Cincinnati, more men were honest than women, bald folks were more honest than those with gray hair, blondes were 95 percent honest and brunettes topped that at 97 percent. 

Nationwide, the Honest Tea test showed Americans were 93 percent honest. Salt Lake City and Oakland were the most honest cities at 100 percent. Women were overall 95 percent honest, men 91 percent. Red Sox fans were more honest than Yankees fans.

The least-honest overall city was Los Angeles at 78 percent. In New York, the least-honest borough was Brooklyn.

Click here to see an interactive map connected to the honesty test.

Honest Tea will match the money collected and donate it to City Year, an AmeriCorps program that unites young people of all backgrounds for a year of full-time service. The goal of the nonprofit is to build community by helping to turn around high-need schools and get at-risk students back on track.


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