Should there be a new look at gun control laws?

6:57 PM, Aug 7, 2012   |    comments
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A question people are asking tonight: should there be a new look at gun control laws?

Senior Political Correspondent Tom Beres visited an Eastlake gun shop to talk about the debate.

Owner Blake Frederick says whenever there's a high-profile gun incident, there's a surge in people who want shooting lessons or want to inquire about getting a conceal carry permit.

He's seen that since the Aurora, Colorado shootings and this Westlake incident may provoke more people to reevaluate their personal safety.

Sherwin Shooting Sports, like most gun stores, carries the Glock 9. Frederick says it's small, it's the right weight, and it's easy to control and carry.

It's the kind of gun Scott Smith had in the Crocker Park theatre, along with three magazines that hold 15 bullets each in the standard model.

It's a popular gun with police departments.

Gun rights groups think the Aurora theater massacre, the Sikh shootings in Wisconsin, and now the Westlake incident bolster a case for being able to legally carry guns in more public places.

Gun store owners expect to get more calls every time there is a publicized gun-related tragedy or close call.

And there will be more debate about whether more laws would make it harder for criminals or mentally ill people from getting weapons or whether this emotional time is the when the discussion should happen.

Perhaps the big question is -- will more Americans who aren't gun owners or gun control advocates tell leaders what they want?


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