Do you suffer from eye strain? Take this self-test

3:04 PM, Jul 9, 2012   |    comments
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How often do you experience these symptoms?

N=Never    S=Sometimes   O=Often    A=Always

1. I get blurred vision                                N S O A

2. I lose my concentration while reading   N S O A

3. I fall asleep while reading                      N S O A

4. I have double vision                               N S O A

5. I close one eye while reading                 N S O A

6. My eyes feel tired by day's end              N S O A

7. I get tired when working at a computer  N S O A

8. Printed words run together                     N S O A

9. Working at a computer for a few hours

     gives me a headache                              N S O A

10. I feel that my eyes aren't working

      together.                                                 N S O A

11. Print starts to look blurry after a while   N S O A

12. I get car sick                                            N S O A

13. I often fall asleep while reading              N S O A

14. I skip or repeat lines when reading         N S O A


If you answered "Often" or "Always" frequently, this is a good indicator that you suffer from asthenopia, the medical term for eyestrain.  Clusters of "Sometimes" may also indicate a problem.

Other symptoms of eye strain include neck or shoulder tension, back pain, and irritability when using a computer. Discuss your symptoms with your eye doctor.


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