Marine Week leaving emotional impact on visitors

11:57 PM, Jun 15, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- The hundreds of marines who have invaded our city this week are leaving a lasting impression on those who come to honor them.

At the Indian's game Friday night, 50 men and women took the oath to serve the United States in the Marine Corps. The crowd cheered as they vowed to defend our country.

This week, civilians have come face to face with the men and women who make a daily impact. And after visiting the displays set up for Marine week, they realize this event is much more than just fun and games.

"Sometimes you don't appreciate what they do for us in all aspect," says Lydia Patterson.

Patterson didn't expect to get emotional to meet the Marines and hear the planes over head. But a native of Panama, she feels gratitude to these men and women in uniform.

"The invasion in Panama [is how] we got [our] freedom and our democracy," she added 

Veterans who once wore the Marine Blues see first hand how things have changed and unexpectedly remember how much of themselves went into their service.

Some tell stories about how their own blood, sweat and tears went into basic training. The other stories of combat get stopped by a well of emotion.

Most people we spoke with expected to come and enjoy the nice weather and see the battlefield equipment.  Most didn't expect to be touched emotionally by the face to face interaction.


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