Cavs fans hoping Celtics can beat the Heat

6:26 PM, Jun 6, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- It's been nearly two years since we last saw the Cavs in the NBA Finals and that dreaded decision from you know who. 

The Heat are one game away from being eliminated and Cleveland fans are rooting for Boston.

"Root on the Celtics to take the Heat down once again," says Manager Mike Porraffke at the Harry Buffalo in Lakewood.

"I think it will be a reality check for Lebron that moving away and getting with two superstars will fix your problems."

Tomorrow marks two years since Harry Buffalo in Lakewood threw an LBJ stay in Cleveland rally. 

"We all gathered up to show him we cared. It obviously fell on deaf ears," says Porraffke.

Across town a local tee shirt company made some of the most iconic tee shirts, 'The Lyin' King' and let's not forget the 'Cavs/Mavs' shirt.

"I think if he wins a ring it's a slap to Cleveland and I think that just gives us something to root for, is him not getting it. He couldn't get it here so we don't want him to get it where ever he goes," said designer Greg Viosich with GV Art + Design.

Viosich, who created the Lebron James logo and knew him personally is revealing his next Miami Tee shirt "May the Curse be with you" only on Channel 3.

"Until Cleveland wins something, we won't get over the whole Lebron thing."

The Heat take on Boston tomorrow at 8:30 and you can expect most of Cleveland to wear green as we all become temporary Boston fans.


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