Cedar Point fans debate new Fast Lane passes

6:49 PM, May 14, 2012   |    comments
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SANDUSKY -- Some Cedar Point fans are calling for a boycott of the park over its new Fast Lane pass.

The wristband, which costs up to $50 a day above the price of an admission ticket, allows guests to jump to the front of the line of the park's major rides.

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"I paid the extra 50," says Colin Lapp, of Cincinnati, who was enjoying the second of a two-day stay at the amusement park.

"It was well worth it," he told WKYC, "a beautiful day out, who wants to wait in line for hours?"

But Fast Lane already has an enemies list. A boycott Cedar Point page popped up on Facebook, and the park's fan forums were all abuzz with people who think Fast Lane favors the rich.

"I was here on Saturday," complained Kevin Tomasch, of Independence, Ohio. "I was waiting 2 and a half hours to get on a ride and Fast Pass people got on in 7 minutes. That's not fair because some people don't have another $50 because it cost $50 to get in the door."

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About six or seven percent of park visitors bought a Fast Lane pass opening weekend, according to Annie Zelm, of Cedar Point's marketing department.

That number is expected to grow as people weigh the cost against the benefits.

"When it's hot out, I'll do whatever it takes, because you're standing there in the hot sun," says Larissa Velasquez, of Northwest Ohio, who came to the park with her husband and a group of friends.

"On hot days when you don't want to wait an hour, hour and a half in line, you can get on, jump right off and head on to the next ride."

For those who complain they can't afford the added cost of a Fast Lane, her husband Joe added, "Go get a part time job and save up."

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The prospect of enduring up to two hours in line for a favorite ride while watching other people breeze to the front through a special entrance didn't bother some who refused to spend the extra money.

"I'd rather sit in the sun and bake away," said Boyd Gross, of the Detroit area.  

Some of the folks who have an issue with Fast Lane are those who have big families, even though the extra cost is $30 per person for groups of 5 or more.

"I think it would be hard to spend that much money for Fast Lane on a busy day for the seven of us," admits Linda Smith, of Lansing, Michigan. "That's why we came on a day it was not so busy."

The Park will be reviewing the progress of Fast Lane as the season goes on as they get more feedback from customers.


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