Kent: 'College Fest 2' partygoers much quieter

11:45 PM, Apr 28, 2012   |    comments
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KENT -- Kent state students vowed to get the party started today, calling for a part two to the first College Fest.  But it was all quiet on College and Willow Saturday, the epicenter of  last week's block party. 

The mere presence of swat teams spoke louder than words for the brave few who thought about taking part in round two.

"They shut everything down. There was a long line of cars a lot of people and they told everybody to leave," said student Mark Campbell. 

There was no parking, no party, and only a few signs of the chaos from last week's party.  Video taken by students at College Fest, shows the wild time, interrupted by SWAT teams and tear gas. 

More than 30 people were arrested.  Student, Hayze Moore believes it was a lot of the reason why some students chose not to attend the sequel. 

"They see the cops and they're scared," said Moore. 

Campbell spent the day studying, although he would've preferred to party to make a point.  "It's more of trying to tell the police that were college students and we can still party if you want to, our right."

Moore says the Twitter and Facebook lit up again with those who felt as though their rights had been taken away. 

"Tons of people talking about it on Facebook and Twitter and stuff about how you know their first amendment rights being removed or revoked... they'll get over it," said Moore. 


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