Farmville adding politics for 2012 races

6:58 PM, Nov 7, 2011   |    comments
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AKRON -- For some Farmville players, their virtual farm is already like a second home. Soon, they'll be able to campaign from that home just like the real thing.

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that software will soon go active allowing Farmville players to erect campaign signs on their lawns and even go door-to-door campaigning for real-life candidates.

For independent voters, the extra push on social media could make a real difference.

"I don't want them telling us what to do," said Jen Haney, a married mother from Barberton. "If I could choose which candidate, then (placing virtual yard signs) might be a possibility."

"Some people might not like it, but I'll do it," said Sandy Dullen, a married mother and independent voter in Akron. "A lot of people do things just because it's on Farmville."




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