Sowell victims' families sob, hug at guilty verdict

11:46 PM, Jul 23, 2011   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Family  members of Anthony Sowell's 11 murder victims held each other and wiped tears as dozens of guilty verdicts were read.

Judge Dick Ambrose began reading one verdict after another in the same courtroom where Sowell had been on trial for more than a month on over 80 counts of kidnapping and killing his many victims.

As he clearly and forcefully announced the decisions of the 5 men and 7 women who had been hearing the case, relatives of the victims gasped softly, put their arms around each other, and wiped away tears.

One family member appeared to have been overcome with emotion and left the courtroom halfway through the reading of the verdicts. She was escorted to a Justice Center elevator by a  deputy.

Sowell was handcuffed immediately after the declaration of the first guilty verdict. He compliantly turned around, offered his hands to deputies, and turned back to face the judge and jury a few seconds later.

The now convicted serial killer stared blankly through the entire proceeding. Judge Ambrose was barely finished reading half the convictions after an hour, and Sowell barely moved a muscle. On one or two occasions, he looked very briefly to his left, but then turned back and kept staring ahead, continuing to blink repeatedly.


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