Heavy rain and dry ground spell flash floods overnight

8:11 AM, Jul 19, 2011   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- The always risky combination of dry ground and heavy rain caused widespread flash floods across Northeast Ohio this morning.

Early estimates say at least three to four inches of rain fell over the course of only a few hours.

Multiple roads were closed this morning and commuters were forced to find alternate routes.

Among the most notable closures, Interstate 480 eastbound was closed at SR 176 into rush hour, but all lanes have since reopened.

Brookpark Road along the Cleveland/Brook Park border is still partially flooded, but water is slowly beginning to recede as the rain moves out of the region. Avoid this area if at all possible for the rest of the day as the water drains.

Earlier in the morning, W. 117th Street between Madison Avenue and Berea Road saw very heavy flooding. Two cars tried to cross the water and became submerged as high as the windshield in the water.

RTA even had to close the airport rapid tunnel early this morning when it, too, was flooded.

Flood waters are far from gone, so be careful when driving near low-lying areas.

Several viewers report heavy basement flooding and power outages on Cleveland's west side spiked due to flooding as well.

Down in Copley Township, homeowners are dealing with incredibly high flood water. Police there are advising some families to leave their homes because of the massive flood.

As flood waters begin to drain and recede, mother nature isn't finished hitting Northeast Ohio with another extreme -- heat.

"The heat an humidity will replace this morning's flooding stories," said WKYC Meteorologist Hollie Strano.

Be mindful of the hazards of standing water and use caution in the intense heat and humidity expected today.


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