Lakewood: Middle America on budget showdown

1:01 AM, Jul 11, 2011   |    comments
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LAKEWOOD -- On a warm Sunday night marking the final hours of a summer weekend, the budget and debt showdown involving the president and congressional leaders is a long way off for visitors to Lakewood Park.

Sunday night they were jogging, watching theatre, picnicking, playing baseball, reading, swinging and walking dogs; squeezing the last few hours of sun and fun out of the enjoyable day.

Park visitors eagerly spoke about the standoff in Washington, and they are just as divided as Republicans and Democrats.

Some favored significant spending cuts and no tax increases for the wealthy or corporations.

"I'm very conservative. I believe in not raising taxes and reducing programs," said Ray Novotny.

"Just like households, don't spend it if you don't have it," Eric Hollenbeck said.

On the other hand, many park goers also favored taxing the rich more and closing corporate tax loopholes.

"I'm in such a low bracket, I wouldn't pay much. Pass it on to the rich," said Juanita Heym.

"By me being middle class, I say the rich should pay more taxes and give to people who need it," said Worrick White, celebrating his son's return from Afghanistan.

If a compromise is not worked out before the August 2 deadline to raise the debt limit, experts predict rising interest rates, falling stock markets and damage to the United States and world economies.

President Barack Obama said a deal must get done within ten days to give Congress time to review and approve it.


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