Lakewood fireworks rules setting Internet ablaze

9:46 AM, Jul 3, 2013   |    comments
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LAKEWOOD -- A new set of rules for the annual Lakewood fireworks show has set off a firestorm on the Internet.

From the popular Comedy Central blog Tosh.O to social media, everyone is weighing in.

The rules range from no generators, tents, or alcoholic beverages to random to searches of bags and coolers.

The entire park will also be under video surveillance throughout the fireworks show.

"The rules that we've developed here are designed to protect our citizens and we've been as thoughtful as we can and respectful as we can of their personal freedoms," explained Lakewood Mayor Michael Summers. "It is more expensive than ever and it's more complicated than ever and today we have more to worry about than ever."

However, some believe the new rules go too far and the signs posted throughout the park have caught the attention of national bloggers.

One Tosh.O blogger renamed Lakewood "Park Buzzkill" where people should "just stand in one spot and enjoy your freedoms."

Still, other Lakewood residents say they do not mind the changes.

"To a certain extent, I can understand where they're coming from and they want more security in order to keep things safe," said Joseph Fagnilli.


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