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Social media reactions to Pope's final day

2:13 PM, Feb 28, 2013   |    comments
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Pope Benedict XVI. Photo by Vincenzo Pinto, AFP/Getty Images.

Many viewers have been leaving their thoughts on the WKYC Facebook page about Pope Benedict stepping down.

Here is a sampling of some local opinions:

Nora: I would love for the new Pope to be humble, to have faith in the Holy Bible, to speak out against abortion, and to have a close relationship with God.

Isobel: I don't care. Sell the Vatican and feed the world.

Philip: Don't care. I'm not catholic or a Christian.

Debbie: Imagine if all the riches that are stashed in the vatican were actually auctioned off. I thought these dudes are supposed to take a vow of poverty anyhow. The next pope should be living in a mud hut. Why all that gold when the world has starving people in it?????

Christina: He's a quitter, how does one quit on delivering the Lord's word...that's so wrong.

Nay: I would love to see an African Pope!

Jim: If the Catholic Church is to survive they need a Pope who is younger & courageous enough to lead true reform. We need a Pope who will be all inclusive, less homophobic, less politically intrusive, and who will share power with women. We need a humanist Pope - not a doctrinal one.

Michelle: You can have a younger pope, but you can't change the catholic faith. The next pope is going to bring many positive changes without compromising the catholic faith.

Donald: I am looking for a forward thinking pope who embraces the changing world around him, who acknowledges te growing problems within the church, who addresses the child molestations going on and does something about it, who realizes there is a need for women priests and allowing priest to marry and have families.

Julie: I understand that a Pope affects our world, however, considering I'm not catholic, I can't wait for this to be over. I think it gets way too much media coverage.


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