Elyria: Man may be ordered not to have children

7:18 PM, Jan 17, 2013   |    comments
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ELYRIA -- A man who owes child support may be ordered not to father any more children.

When Asim Taylor faces a probate judge next week, part of his sentence may be not to have any more children until he pays his bill or demonstrates that he's supporting the children he already has.

Taylor, 35, is nearly $80,000 behind on support for four of his children. He pleaded guilty to the charges and will learn Wednesday whether Lorain County Probate Judge James Walther has included the ban on procreation in his sentence.

"I think from the outside looking in, from the average person's perspective, it is reasonable," admits Taylor's attorney Doug Merrill. "But the law feels differently."

Merrill tells WKYC if the judge follows through on the order that Taylor must take reasonable steps not to father any more children, the order will be appealed.

"We are a country of laws they obviously need to be followed," Merrill explained. "And one of those basic rights is the right of procreation. To take that away from someone, I believe the court may be overstepping at this point."

Merrill will hinge his planned appeal on the case of Sean Talty, a Medina County man who faced the same sentence in 2002. Talty was behind $30,000 in support for six children at the time.

The Ohio Supreme Court two years later ultimately overturned the no-procreation portion of Talty's sentence, saying it was too broad. Merrill says that will set a precedent for his client.

Asim Taylor is already on probation for previous crimes and has a 15-year criminal record which includes assault, domestic violence, cocaine possession, and carrying a concealed weapon.


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