Blog: Haslam's got a plan...count on it

12:05 AM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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Don't let all the names of possible Cleveland Browns coaches confuse you. I'm convinced owner Jimmy Haslam has a plan.

I am way too far down on the fan food chain to begin to figure out what that plan is but Haslam didn't get where he is today in business without a plan.

True, the speculation has the coach search -- up until now -- looking like everyone is turning down the Browns like a spurned suitor.

Chip Kelly? After toying with all the NFL offers, he's staying with the Oregon Ducks. Don't think the NFL will put him on their dance card again...ever.

O'Brien with Penn State? That's also a no-go, as he's staying at Penn State.

The CFL's Marc Trestman was in Berea Tuesday and he's a known commodity, having been the Browns' quarterback coach in the Bernie Kosar era. But I think that interview was maybe not for coach so much as for head of player personnel. That's my personal opinion.

Now I like the Colts' Bruce Arians who missed the last Colts game this past Sunday because he was in the hospital. And late Tuesday night, ESPN was reporting that Arians was back in the hospital, suffering from an inner ear problem and dizziness. And the only NFL coach that I can call a friend and whose opinion I value -- Sam Rutigliano -- is also on the Arians bandwagon. Enough said. And look what Arians did with rookie quarterback Andrew Luck.

Of course, I still like Alabama's Nick Saban but he told the media as late as Tuesday afternoon again that he is happy where he is. His words? "I've learned this is where I belong. I'm happy and at peace with that." And I think his wife Terry may have also nixed a jump from Alabama, especially to go up north to the cold of Cleveland. Can't say that I blame her.

So for now, the Browns are playing it close to the vest and heard, like everyone else did today, that Bill Cowher could come back to the NFL "eventually." Now, with Haslam's former connections with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and a boatload of money, eventually could be sooner than later. I like Cowher, by the way.

And after Monday's disastrous performance by the Fighting Irish against Alabama, maybe another Kelly -- Brian Kelly -- could be in the mix. I, personally, don't think so.

So where does all this leave us?

The Browns are still without a coach and we still have a problem at quarterback. I think Haslam knows deep down he can't hire a college coach with no NFL experience and that other NFL teams are also still looking for coaches.

I think we need to have faith in Haslam...and some patience. That is not something I am known for, though.


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