Trapper Jack Elliott, Jim McIntyre cut from WDOK

7:14 PM, Dec 19, 2012   |    comments
Trapper Jack.
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CLEVELAND -- Trapper Jack Elliott surprised WDOK listeners Wednesday morning when he announced that both he and Jim McIntrye are leaving the station.

He said they both learned the week before Thanksgiving that their contracts, which expire at the end of the year, were not being renewed.

"I am leaving WDOK after 17 years," Elliott said on the air. "I am saying goodbye as of now and it's been amazing.  It's been amazing."

LISTEN to Trapper Jack's full announcement

McIntyre is off the air at WDOK after 18 years.

"It is not our choice to leave, but it is necessary and it's ultimately a good thing," Elliott continued.

During his announcement, Elliott said the station's decision to let them go is one that left him in a "self-examination" process wondering if they had done something wrong.

He was also curious if the choice was based on money.

"I gave them the opportunity to say that it was, they didn't say that it was," he said.

What about ratings?

"The last few months have been astounding, just tremendous ratings," Elliott said. "It's not that. To be honest with you, I don't know why they are letting us go."

Elliott also thanked management for allowing him to have an official goodbye on the air because it "is very rare in this business."

WDOK listeners have unleashed a firestorm on the station's Facebook page since the announcement was made.

Here are some of those comments fans posted on the WDOK Facebook page:

- "I've started my mornings with Trapper and Jim for YEARS!! They are hilarious! Wow, poor choice letting them go!!! I won't be listening anymore."

- Horrible news about Trapper and Jim! Ridiculous. I don't have any particular attachment to 102, except for the morning show I have listened to for many years, so I am looking for another radio station. Any recommendations anyone?

- Everyone in my family is devastated that you would not renew the contracts of Trapper Jack and Jim. How foolish of your management. Do you know how many people listened to your station just for those two? You are going to lose many listeners. We already did not like the changes you made to the "New" 102, but this is over the top. Merry Christmas? Yeah right.

- I am so sad at the loss of Trapper and Jim. I will no longer be one of your listeners. They started my days off with a laugh, they are the best.

- I kept waiting for the punchline when Trapper Jack was telling all of us he and Jim were leaving. The punchline never came. :( You will both be missed. Good luck wherever life leads you next.

- Very sad day for radio! Trapper and Jim will be missed. I agree with Trapper, time for a change. I will no longer listen to 102. Best of luck guys, with online radio I am sure I will be listening to you again soon, no matter where you go.

- What a very sad day. I have followed Trapper for 20 years and he and Jim for 17. They make the morning better. I can't believe it. What a disappointment from the station. I will be listening to something else. Trapper...I too believe that God is allowing this and believe another door will open but what a shock. The station will not be better without you both.


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