The 'Christmas Story' sequel is now available on Blu-ray, DVD

4:03 PM, Nov 1, 2012   |    comments
Photo by WKYC-TV from inside the house where 'A Christmas Story' filmed in Tremont.
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"You'll shoot your eye out."

That tagline from the original "A Christmas Story" holiday flick seems to be the ironic desire among many regarding the new sequel.

Some film fans are so upset about the sequel, it seems they would rather have the Grinch swipe this movie away to dump at the top of Mt. Crumpit.

Just in time for Halloween(?), "A Christmas Story 2" was released nationwide on Blu-ray and DVD earlier this week.

Instead of hoping for a Red Ryder BB gun, this sequel shows Ralphie five years later drooling over the car of his dreams.

It stars Daniel Stern in place of Darren McGavin as the Old Man, while Braeden Lemasters takes over for Peter Billingsley and portrays a slightly older, yet nerdier, Ralphie.

While many scenes in the original movie were lensed in Cleveland, it's unclear, based on the film's trailer, if the sequel shot a single moment in our area.

"A Christmas Story 2" harkens back to the original 1983 Bob Clark feature using some of the same gags: Terrible clothes as presents, ridiculously overdressing for the frigid weather and the now-infamous "Fraaaag-eeee-lay" leg lamp.

The film is rated PG for language and some rude humor.

When the sequel's production was first announced back in January, fans littered the web with their reactions -- mostly negative.

The hate bandwagon only got worse when the sequel's trailer was unleashed online in September (see it below).

As of Thursday afternoon, the trailer has more than 13,500 dislikes on YouTube and only 701 likes. Of the thousands of comments, most of them are negative slurs. Have a look at a small sampling of the comments we can actually publish.

- "There are no words to describe the absolute rage I am feeling right now."

- "Part of my soul... it just died."

- "I'm offended this is allowed to exist."

- "I can't dislike hard enough."

- "I bought it today and loved it!!!!!"

- "LOL I want to rage but this is the greatest trolling of all time. At least Daniel Stern is working."

This is not the first sequel connected with "A Christmas Story." In 1994, "My Summer Story" was released starring Charles Grodin as the Old Man. It followed the Parker family outside of the Christmas season.



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