Consumer Minute: 50 Shades outsells Harry Potter

8:25 PM, Aug 1, 2012   |    comments
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Were you watching Olympic coverage instead of working today? If so, you're not alone as 12 percent of surveyed American workers said they planned on watching the Olympics while at work. And research by a Smart-Money blog says the loss in productivity could result in a $650 million loss to corporations.

Apple is suing Samsung. Samsung is suing Apple. And the trial is now underway. The two companies are suing each other over patent rights to certain technology. If either side wins, your smartphone may have to be dumbed down depending on which one you own. This trial is expected to last several weeks.

Watch out J.K. Rowling! E.L. James has now taken top spot. "50 Shades of Grey" has officially out sold the Harry Potter series on Amazon UK. The X-rated novel has sold 4 million copies in print and on Kindle at Amazon's UK website alone since 2012.


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