Hot Topics: Dog hops train bound for Dublin

8:03 PM, Jul 5, 2012   |    comments
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We see what's trending in tonight's Hot Topics.

And we are out of the gate with Patch's Big Adventure. Most people know that Jack Russells are headstrong but who knew they were such travelers. Patch took off from his owner's home in Kildare, Ireland and made his way to a train station a mile away and boarded a train to Dublin. His owner was Facebooking his disappearance and the rail staff was tweeting his picture. It was re-tweeted 500 times before she saw it. The two were reunited in Dublin and took the train "together" back to Kildare.

They just might be the oldest cave drawings in Europe. They were just discovered in Romania. They are about 30- to 35-thousand years old. The drawings are of a bison, a horse, a bear and a rhinoceros.

Dancers took over a London train station Thursday morning to remind commuters the Olympics isn't the only thing happening there in 3 weeks. They performed a parody of commuters during rush hour. They are part of a festival called Big Dance 2012, billed as the largest mass participation event to celebrate culture in Britain. The dance festival will coincide with the Olympics.


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