Funky Winkerbean and its creator graying together

3:07 AM, May 30, 2012   |    comments
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MEDINA, Ohio -- Like aging baby boomers, the cartoon strip Funky Winkerbean and its creator Tom Batiuk have turned gray with life's ups and downs in a 40-year run on the funny pages.

The 65-year-old Batiuk has changed his characters over the years from mop-headed beatniks to graying 60-somethings.

Over the years Batiuk himself has turned gray, his once-collar length hair now cut short.

The story lines have changed, too: from high school hijinks and awkward teen dating moments to dealing with adult issues like alcoholism, suicide and cancer.

His latest hot topic story line during May: Two boys who want to go to the high school prom together.

This year's 40th anniversary of the strip was marked by the publication of the start of a multi-volume set of the strips.

By THOMAS J. SHEERAN, Associated Press

The Associated Press

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