Road closures for filming of "The Avengers"

12:08 PM, Aug 10, 2011   |    comments
Getty Image: Kevin Winter
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CLEVELAND -- Shooting for The Avengers is underway in Cleveland.

The main section of filming is taking place, between Euclid and Prospect.

Filming is expected to be completed by September 2.

The Avengers is the largest movie production to ever film in Ohio and will employ hundreds of Ohio based cast and crew.

So here's what you need to know if you work downtown or plan to come to Cleveland for other events.

Beginning August 8, East 9th Street from Euclid to Prospect will be closed for the rest of the month. 

Here's a complete list of street closures, dates and alternate routes. 


  • Aug. 8-Sept. 2      East 9th from Euclid to Prospect  (Alternate route: Carnegie, E. 18th and Superior)


  • Aug. 15-Aug. 24    Euclid from East 6th to East 12th (Alternate route: E. 6th, Superior, E. 18th and Carnegie.)


  • Aug. 22-Sep. 2  Walnut from East 9th to East 12th (Alternate route: East 12th, Superior, Chester; Affected garages have access via Superior & Chester)


  • Aug. 17-Aug. 30  South Roadway from Superior to Ontario  (Alternate route: Ontario & Superior)


  • Aug. 29   Detroit Superior Bridge (Alternate: Main Avenue Bridge)


Entire intersections will be closed on the following dates:

  • Aug. 15 -- Prospect closed at East 9th
  • Aug. 16 -- Euclid Ave. closed at East 9th
  • Aug. 17 -- Euclid Avenue closed at East 9th
  • Aug. 18 -- Prospect closed at East 9th
  • Aug. 19 -- Prospect closed at East 9th
  • Aug. 20 -- Euclid Ave. closed at East 9th
  • Aug. 22& 23 -- Euclid Ave. closed at East 9th (depending on what work left from previous week)

In addition, intermittent closures are expected from August 8 to September 2 on:

East 9th & Prospect

East 9th & Walnut

Superior & West Roadway


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